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Xian to Tibet Train

Xian to Tibet Train

Xi'an, a famous capital in ancient China, is the central city in the northwest of China. It used to be the capital of Tang, the most splendid dynasty in the history of China, and this city still retains many ancient historical features, and the collection of the Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Qinshihuang (literally meaning the first emperor of Qin dynasty) Mausoleum excavated in the eastern suburb of Xi'an is one of the seven wonders in the world.

Numerous historic relics and tourist attractions have made Xi'an the mecca for tourists both at home and abroad. After touring Xi'an, taking Qinghai-Tibet trains to Lhasa in Tibet is also one of Qinghai-Tibet train tour routes that foreign guests love. Xi'an Railway Station (briefed as Xi’an Station), a stopover station for trains to Tibet and Qinghai, is a railway station with a long history located in the center of Xi'an.

Here, we will introduce it to you in details about Xi'an Station, including the traffic information, guide on collecting tickets, schedule of trains to Lhasa from Xi’an at Xi'an Railway Station, Xi'an-Lhasa train schedule, brief introduction to Xi'an Station, and location of Xi'an Station; Xi'an Station is located in the new downtown area of Xi'an, near Daming Palace National Heritage Park, and enjoys excellent geographical location, convenient transportation and easy accessibility.

Xi'an Railway Station, originally built in December 1934 and once called Chang 'an Station, has a history of more than 80 years, and over the course, the station has undergone many expansions and renovations, the last of which was started in July 2016. Present status of Xi'an Station: Xi'an Station is still in the process of expansion and renovation, but which doesn’t affect tourists taking Qinghai-Tibet trains from Xi'an Station.

Though Xi'an Station is in the course of transformation, basic waiting and boarding functions run normally. The Xi'an Airport, located in the territory of Xianyang, is to the northwest of Xi'an, which is about 38 km away from Xi'an Station in the city. Currently, there is no direct subway to the airport but there are multiple bus lines to shuttle between the two places. No transfer is required, so it is very convenient.

Traffic from Xi'an North Railway Station (High-speed Railway Station) to Xi'an Station

Xi'an North Railway Station, opened to the public in 2011, is another railway station in Xi'an. Located in the northern suburb of Xi'an, it is currently the only high-speed railway station in Xi'an, and all high-speed trains leave from or reach Xi'an transfer at the station.

If you come to Xi'an by high-speed railway from Shanghai, Beijing and other cities, the station where you arrives at is Xi'an North Railway Station, and if you further want to take a Qinghai-Tibet train from Xi’an to Lhasa, you need to go to [Xi'an Station].

Xi'an North Railway Station (High-Speed Railway Station)

The distance from Xi'an North to Xi'an Station is 16km, and you can take the subway to arrive at Xi’an Station by two transfers, which is very convenient.

Traffic to Xi'an Station within Urban area of Xi'an

There are currently four subway lines in Xi'an, of which only Line 4 can go directly to [Xi'an Station], and for the rest, it is required for you to transfer one or more times to reach Xi’an Station. For tourists, in addition to the subway, taking taxi is also very convenient. You can also use our Xi'an Pick-up Service, which provides you with heart-warming travel itinerary and transportation arrangement for your stay in Xi'an, so that you can enjoy the trip at ease with no worry of delay.

Guide on taking Qinghai-Tibet trains at Xi'an Railway Station and how to collect tickets

A tourist from Hong Kong or Macao holding the re-entry permit can collect his/her ticket at the self-service ticketing machine at the train station, or go to a human-serviced window to collect the ticket by showing the certificate of buying ticket. For the tourist who is a Taiwanese holding a Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents, he/she must show two certificates, namely the Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents and a letter of granting entry to Tibet, at a human-serviced window in the ticketing hall of the railway station to collect his/her ticket; and two certificates are indispensable, otherwise he/she will not get his/her ticket, or get the ticket changed or refunded. For a tourist holding a passport of a foreign country, he/she must show two certificates, namely the original passport and a letter of granting entry to Tibet, at a human-serviced window in the ticketing hall of the railway station to get his/her ticket; and two certificates are indispensable, otherwise he/she will not get his/her ticket, or get the ticket changed or refunded.

Note: You may have to queue up at the human-serviced window to collect your ticket. As the time to queue is unknown, please go to the railway station in advance to collect the ticket to prevent you from missing your train.

How to pass security inspection at Xi'an Railway Station

Upon getting your ticket, you need to pass security inspection to enter the waiting room and wait for the arrival of your train. No matter traveling by train or by subway in mainland China, all passengers are required to go through the security inspection apparatus, which is for the safety sake of the passengers to prevent any lawbreakers from deliberately carrying tools to threaten the safety of passengers.

Please conscientiously cooperate with the train staff in security inspection and baggage inspection. Generally, after passing security inspection, you can go to the waiting room to wait for boarding. A waiting area is designated for a specific train number, please go to the designated waiting area indicated on the big screen.

How to enter the platform to take aboard (platform)

From the waiting room to the platform, you just need to follow instructions to go to the gate to get your ticket checked and then go to the platform to take aboard. It should be noted that, to take a Qinghai-Tibet train from Xi'an, as the train stays on the platform for only 10 minutes, you must hurry up when it is time for checking the ticket at the gate. Please don't stay at the platform to take photos or wipe the windows of the train to prevent you from missing your train.

Tips on taking Qinghai-Tibet trains at Xi'an Station

1. Xi'an is not the departure station, and the train stays for a short time. The trains depart from Shanghai and Guangzhou with a stopover in Xi’an, and both trains stay in Xi'an for only 10 minutes. There are only 10 minutes from arrival to departing of the train. In this case, passengers usually enter the platform in advance to wait for the arrival of the train. Therefore, you should pay attention to safety and follow instructions to board the train. If you have any question, please consult the staff at the station.

2. Xi'an is not the departure station, and the arrival time of the train is not fixed even though the departing time at Xi'an Station is fixed on the railway's official website. As it is not the departure station and the train has traveled for more than one day when it arrives in Xi'an, there may be delays or early arrivals en route. In either case, the train station will inform relevant circumstances in a timely manner. Please pay attention to information pertaining to the train number concerned to avoid missing your train.

3. As Xi'an is not the departure station, the conditions in the train may be complicated when you board the train. When the train reaches Xi'an, it has run for more than 10 hours and there are already many passengers on board, so the carriages may be crowded relatively and the environment inside the carriages poor compared with that when it is at the departure station. The soft sleeper compartments are better and cleaner, and we recommend you buy a soft sleeper ticket as far as possible so that you can feel relatively comfortable on the train. In summary, there is a clear difference between taking Qinghai-Tibet trains from Xi'an and from the station of the departure city. In particular, the train stays at the station for a very short period, leaving passengers with limited time to enter the station. To take a train to Lhasa from Xi'an, you must pay attention to time and avoid missing your train.

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